Many months ago an idea popped into my head as my mind ticked over in bed one night and after countless phone calls, emails and messages it has finally come to life! Salubrious Apparel- rolls of the tongue. For those whose vocabulary isn’t familiar with the word; Salubrious. A quick definition search will return – Salubrious is a fancy way to describe something that is good. Healthy, Grand, Luxurious and Beneficial.

This idea that frequented my mind that night was essentially, use t-shirt’s as a creative platform for my very talented sister’s art. Her designs are super quirky, fun and original. I had always thought they would make fantastic prints and also what better way to showcase her drawings to the world than through fashion. As Sarah and I talked about it more and more it was obvious that we were both very passionate and willing to put in the work required to get our idea off the ground.

We are both very lucky that unlike many siblings we get on so well, feeding from each other’s ideas and enthusiasm. Both working full time meant that the majority of the admin and planning was done after hours or over weekends; we managed this by writing a plan early on and sticking to it. Whilst Salubrious is a serious business to the both of us, it has never been about the fame and glory. It’s about learning and becoming more rounded people, whilst sharing our love for art and fashion.

Even in just this short period of time I have learnt an enormous amount about everything from material printing to website construction (that’s a lie I actually know nothing about making a website, I will leave that to the experts). The point is if you’ve got a dream or an idea, it’s time to take action and bring it to life. Doing something that gives you profound purpose, confidence and the discipline and skills to achieve anything you set your mind too, can only bring good.

Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming amount of support so far, we have loved every minute and connected with some amazing people. This is just the beginning for Salubrious but whatever the future holds I know that Sarah and I will look back on it as a positive one. Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.