Odette is a singer – songwriter I have only really become familiar with fully in the past 6 months, she was on repeat a fair chunk of my recent drive across to WA. And I’m not mad about it. Her thoughtful lyrics delve deep into her own navigation of life, exploring the negatives and positives in a brutally raw delivery. Odette incorporates poetic influences into her songs and has a brilliant gift of being able to float between rhythmic melodies and spoken word poetry. Highlighted in stripped back piano versions of Lotus Eaters on her debut album “To a Stranger” and Feverbreak on recent album “Herald”.

Odette is currently on her tour for the release of “Hearld” and I was lucky enough to get along to one of her Adelaide shows on the 14th of May. The Friday night show was at the Lion Arts Factory, which in my humble opinion is the premier live music venue for performer/audience intimacy in Adelaide. Odette utterly mesmerised the crowd with a lyrical masterclass and a voice that reaches far into your soul. Odette has a tremendous ability of completely detaching you from all other life happenings and becoming completely captivated in her songs. Notable highlights of mine was the spoken word classic Lotus Eaters and encore song Mandible which is a lesser known favourite from the new album about the pebbled shores of Tasmania.

The night was wonderfully capped off with us meeting Odette after the show and scoring a signed tee! She was incredibly humble and grateful for our support. An incredible musician and obviously even better human who like many, has faced her fair share of trials and tribulations through the journey of life, but is using these experiences to produce resonating music that reaches out to a broad and ever growing audience of fans. Stay Salubrious Odette we love you and your Mandible.