We may be a little bit bias, well truthfully….scratch that, we are incredibly bias but it would be selfish and a damn shame to not share with you the brilliant town that is, Robe. Situated just a smidge over three hours south from SA’s capital, Adelaide. This laid back coastal village which we are so lucky to call home is jammed full of activities whatever the season, making it 110% worth a visit.

Established in 1846, Robe is one of SA’s oldest towns and this history is still so evident around the town. The iconic stone Obelisk overlooking the Southern Ocean helped guide ships safely into the secluded Guichen Bay. Built in 1852 it still stands on the cliffs edge, although it is predicted to crumble in the next 17 years. Certainly worth seeing before that day!

However Robe isn’t just revelling in it’s rich history, this quiet fishing village has generated a bit of a reputation for itself in recent years. Attracting droves of people with its abundance of local wines, food, epic breaks, rock-lobster, unreal beaches and remote 4×4 tracks. The list goes on but you get the idea, it has a heap to offer!

Facing north the township over looks the well protected Guichen Bay which has so often in the past and still does provide protection for deep sea commercial fishing boats seeking refuge from the brutality of the prevailing Southern Ocean swell. This bay also creates a sanctuary of protected beaches along the towns foreshore. Speckled east throughout the cliff faces towards the world famous “Long Beach”. Stretching 7km from start to finish this beach allows all year round vehicle access. Soft during the winter but in the heart of summer firms up and is accessible to pretty much anything with wheels.

During this period it is not uncommon for vehicles to be side by side all the way around to third ramp (3km mark). Loading up the ute with a full esky and bbq for a day on the beach that extends well past when the sun sets is a truly remarkable experience. Space to kick the footy, play beach cricket and enjoy the sun. I’m having withdrawals just writing about it. Long Beach; you need to get there as nothing in the world comes close.

If the 4WD tracks are more your scene then head out back. Rougher and secluded beaches await those wanting to explore the less travelled shores of Robe. Stretching along the Southern Ocean towards the neighbouring Beachport is an array of beaches and reefs accessible by a well equipped 4×4. Our hot tip though, be prepared to get bogged!

Lighthouse Beach and West Beach are well within walking distance of the township and offer a scenic viewpoint to appreciate the full magnitude of the Southern Oceans force. These areas have bad undertow and only the most advanced swimmers and surfers should leave the dry sand. However do not be discourgaed by the lack of swimming oppurtunities both beaches get the most magical golden hour, head down as the sun is setting for a real treat!

Robe has some decent breaks for those keen for a paddle. Third ramp at Long beach is consistent and suits all levels of experience. You can get here by road roughly 5km out of town on the Southern Ports Highway or directly down the beach from the town access if the conditions permit. Stony Rise is reef/beach break and perhaps Robe’s most renowned. Here is where the annual Robe Easter Classic features and is a fairly consistent break for more advanced surfers to get amongst it.

After all these activities you are going to be thirsty and lucky for you Robe is home to an array of world famous wineries, days can be spent experiencing the full body tastes of local drops. Woodsoak Wines offer a terrific cellar door in the main street of town and for those keen to explore, Cape Jaffa Wines and Wangolina roughly 20min North of town are top spots to spend an afternoon indulging in coastal wines, tasty cheese platters and even trying Cape Jaffa’s own brewed beer, Loophole.

For a small town you are compltely spoilt for food and drink with local cafes and restaurants lining the main street with options to satisfy everyone. There isn’t a bad coffee in Robe, our tip come for a week and try every one. Fresh caught seafood is a plenty with the highly sought after Southern Rock Lobster (crayfish) available to be purchased direct from sky seafoods.

Robe is an absolute mecca for independent local brands. Retail brands such as Snixley, Daisy Says and of course us! Salubrious Hour. Other must visits are the iconic Steves Surf Shop and The Eighth Letter.

Head down Robe St out to the industrial area to find Mahalia Coffee, Mikes Beef Jerky, Transmutation and the RobeTown Brewery which has music Friday nights and atmosphere which makes it hard to have just one.

Rich in history and jam packed full of things for literally everyone. Robe is truly a special place, a charismatic seaside town that not only boasts world class beaches but a uniqueness that is hard to pinpoint. Best to come and see for yourself all that this pristine piece of the coastline has to offer. And of course when you do, make sure you pop in and say hi!