Like a lot of good business owners we are often thinking about different ideas we can incorporate into our clothing business to ultimately increase our overall profit. Putting our heads together we wanted to be mindful that we didn’t want a business on the side to take away from Salubrious Hour but instead compliment our story.

As our brand represents and encourages a laidback lifestyle of fun and ones own health and mindfulness, when the idea of smoothies (with absolutely no bad stuff) arose it was a no brainer! As we have done the whole way through our business journey we kept things simple and settled on four flavours. Always conscious this was an extra add on we didn’t want to lose focus on Salubrious Hour as a brand. I also believe if you have an idea it is good to test the waters first, this will give you a good indication if the idea has legs or maybe needs some tweaking. Fortunately for Salubrious Smoothies, initial capital outlay was minimal and by keeping things simple we reduced financial risk significantly.

Another form of risk management we always undertake is research. Research is key. We had no idea about the smoothie industry – blenders, flavours, pricing, sourcing fruit, etc. By reading and actively researching as much as we could it allowed us to go into the new business confident it would be successful and with ideas of our own on what would help us achieve this success.

A summer down and the addition of smoothies has been unreal (not only from a business but personally having smoothies on tap is a real perk)! The smoothies just add another string to our bow, often bringing people through the door who wouldn’t usually and exposing them directly to our products. The additions has also meant we have been able to employee a couple of casuals especially over the summer period which was tremendous for our own growth but also gave them an opportunity to be involved directly within the business. This has given us more freedom personally as these employees are more than capable and as a company believe they will have a huge impact on the progression of Salubrious moving forward.