With the global pandemic and pretty much all live music having been at a standstill for the past year, I was especially stoked to see Spacey Jane because it had been a hot minute since my last live gig. 

After a big weekend, Imo and I took a while to get going for the Sunday early show but after a few quiet beers in the sun we got our shit together and bussed our way to the historic Thebarton Theatre. With the doors opening at 5:30 our slow start meant we didn’t rock in ’til roughly an hour later. This gave us just enough time to grab a drink and find a seat in the packed show. The effects of COVID still ever prevalent with the restricted mosh area and spacing between seating resulting with us being perched middle back in the nose bleeds. 

Spacey Janes Sunlight Tour off the back of their new album (which finished #2 on the ARIA charts for 2020) featured much loved songs “Straight faced”, “Weightless” and number two in last years Hottest 100 “Booster Seat”. The fact it was almost a complete sellout across the country proves it’s popularity too. The Perth four piece has continually packed out venues across Australia as their smooth rhythmic melodies and distinct guitar riffs have obviously resonated fondly with listeners. Sunday night was no exception with loyal fans unashamedly belting out the lyrics as the audience hung on every head shake, guitar solo and drum hit the Indie Rock band dished up!

To be honest the night gets a bit hazy from here but it does feature an epic encore, chips and gravy and copious amounts of gelato. Until next time Spacey Jane. It was wicked, cheers!