In the past month I have been offered 3 very good jobs. Exactly what I want, all I’ve worked towards and strived for. Despite this, I have politely knocked back all three. In a world where from a young age we are encouraged to finish school, go to uni and gain that top graduate job for a large corporate, get married, buy a house, start a family and before we know it start thinking about retirement. Bowing into the conformity of what we believe to be the right thing to do. Well, fuck

At a time where many of my friends are finding that top corporate gig, buying houses and saying I do, I too find myself facing these same choices. Yet continually avoid this type of binding commitment, often thinking to myself maybe I should try and settle down and chase these things in life such a vast majority endeavour towards. I enjoy my job and I am extremely passionate about the agricultural sector but am I ready to be locked into one job? Will I ever want to be locked in working in one place? Who knows, but I know for sure that I’m not going to force myself into this cycle of life.

Accepting this fact has been a great weight off the shoulders as I know am completely invested into my own entrepreneurial quests and doing things that truly excite me. This 9-5 life (or in my case 7:30-5) will always be there and perhaps one day I’ll be happy to pursue this. For many people this is happiness and that’s what they want in life, every individual is different. Only you know what it is, that is going to make you feel fulfilled and stimulated. Not just content. We hear it all the time but life is short and we only get one, don’t bow into conformity and accept a mediocre life in a job you don’t like and a partner you resent.

How wonderful is it that we are in control, it’s okay to say NO and step away from the normal. For now I am going to say yes as I explore this extraordinary world that is so large yet we see so little.

Once again, “One crowded hour of glorious life, is worth an age without a name.”

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