About Us

The idea of Salubrious Apparel was born at the end of 2017 by brother sister combo, Billy and Sarah. They had an idea to bring together their love of art and fashion through a platform that gave them the freedom to create and share their original work.

The beginning of 2018 saw this idea come to life.

Growing up and continuing to work on farms, creating an environmentally and sustainable product is paramount to the pair. You can be confident that their sweatshop free and eco friendly pieces are made entirely from natural products that not only feel and look great but are also committed to preserving our wonderful earth for future generations.

Constantly being inspired by their surroundings, their friends and their lives Billy and Sarah plan to keep designing and producing art for many many more orbits around the sun and they’d love for you to come along with them!

Our Responsibility

When it comes to bringing the customer unique and fun fashion pieces, Salubrious Apparel is passionate about the finding the best materials and most ethical procedures.

As serious as we are about growing our label and business, we are just as serious about doing this is in a way that leaves little to no negative impact.

To begin with our suppliers are socially responsible, being a proactive member of the Fair Wear Foundation since early 2006. They follow this social responsibility criteria:

● No use of child labour
● No use of forced labour
● Safe and healthy working conditions
● Legal labour contracts
● Payment of living wage
● Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
● No discrimination against employees
● No excessive hours of work

All of our pieces are sourced through sustainable manufacturing, meet the organic textile standards, are tested for harmful substance and printed sustainably. Where some may think these steps are excessive what we see is a product of much higher quality and also a product that respects people and our worth.

Definitely in our eyes and we hope in the eyes of our customers it’s worth it.