About Us

Salubrious Hour came to life late 2017 when founders Sarah and Billy searched for a platform to display their own hand drawn art. Deep discussion over a few cold cans and a warm campfire one night ignited the brand and in early we started the original Salubrious Apparel. It wasn’t until a few years down the track that we made the transistion to, Salubrious Hour. 

Independently owned and operated from the South Australian coastal town of Robe, all the products are designed by us.

Like most young people of today we are environmentally conscious and constantly strive to improve in this area, all our pieces are small batch. We only produce what we know we can sell. With a strong emphasis on our local community and surrounds, Salubrious Hour is a laid back coastal brand with big dreams.

Those big dreams saw us decide to take on the big smoke, signing a lease for a second shop in Adelaide, South Australia. OPENING November 2023 (fingers crossed!) 

Our Responsibility

When it comes to bringing the customer unique and fun fashion pieces, Salubrious Hour is passionate about the finding the best materials and most ethical procedures.

As serious as we are about growing our label and business, we are just as serious about doing this is in a way that leaves little to no negative impact.

● No use of child labour
● No use of forced labour
● Safe and healthy working conditions
● Legal labour contracts
● Payment of living wage
● Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
● No discrimination against employees
● No excessive hours of work