I have just recently invested in a pair of super fine merino sneakers. The reason “invested” is my choice word is because that is exactly what they have been. Excuse the cliché but wearing Allbirds merino wool runners is like walking on clouds.
Retailing at a very reasonable $140 Australian, the runners come in a range of colours and styles to suit any look.

Universally regarded as the comfiest everyday shoe available, Allbirds devoted following continues to grow. It’s not only the comfort of these shoes that has people froffin’:) They are machine washable making cleaning a breeze and also perhaps the biggest draw card for many consumers is that the company maintains a deep commitment to farming sustainability.

This innovation and commitment has led the brand to the development of a naturally derived renewable material made entirely from trees. Sourced from South African farms and grown entirely from natural rainfall, this product uses 95% less water than that of cotton, chopping the carbon footprint involved in production by half.

So if you’re looking for a sylish on trend product that is completely sustainable and at an affordable price; Allbirds New Zealand Merino wool runners are for you.