Going Full-time in Your Own Business

As the summer of 2020 approached us, the need for me to be more flexible and readily available to help with the shop and clothing side of things was evident. After lengthy discussions as a family we decided that it would be best if I left my farming job and what at the time I believed to be my set career path and go contract rural fencing. In laymen terms the building and construction of farm fencing. 

Luckily I had spent half a year working for a contractor and my experience farming had given me the skillset to go directly into this industry. Despite this I still had a great amount of apprehension surrounding the move from full-time work and becoming solely my own boss. Will there be enough work? How do I charge? What if I can’t cover costs whilst starting out?

Almost exactly one year on since first starting in the fencing game I can safely say it has been the best decision we could have made for the business as a whole. Operating as one company; Salubrious Hour and Laurie Contract Fencing are able to support multiple incomes and allows everyone the freedom to help out with whatever is a priority at that time. 

It’s had its highs and lows but as we near the one year milestone we can confidently say we are on an upwards trajectory. It’s only a start on where we want to be but taking the plunge and fully committing to another one of our own business’ has allowed us freedom to put all our time into new projects and ideas.

Releasing the shackles of a safety net of secondary employment really puts it all back on to us; because at the end of the day, the effort we put in will be the difference between success and failure. F