Hemp has long taken the full brunt of its bad boy cousin (cannabis) antics and somewhat been put on the outer of the fashion industry. Whilst this unsavoury rap is far from earned, with hemp containing a minimal amount of the psychoactive attribute of cannabis. 

Hemp offers a durable product that has been produced for thousands of years across the entire globe. A natural fibre that naturally keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also has the ability to be blended with other natural fibres such as cotton and linen; maintaining hemps durability while adding a softness. 

Weed! Derived directly from the fact that is exactly what hemp is. It grows densely and is tough meaning chemical herbicides and pesticides aren’t required, naturally repelling detrimental pests. Comparable to cotton, hemp uses about 50% less water than cotton and can yield double that of cotton per hectare. All in all, people change as do fibres and hemp is no exception. Banished through the actions of another, hemp is a super sustainable fibre that wears well. As we search for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and water/land become increasingly scarce the unlikely introverted cousin, of cannabis just might be the answer.